African Services, Partners Hold Legal Clinic on Ebola-Related Temporary Protected Status

On May 2nd, 2015 African Services Committee's legal team partnered with the United States Sierra Leonean Association, the City Bar Justice Center, volunteer attorneys from around the city, Staten Island Liberian Community Association, and the Guinean Association of Staten Island to conduct the second free Ebola-related temporary protected status (TPS) legal clinic for nationals of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. The clinic took place at the United States Sierra Leonean Association in Park Hill, Staten Island.  


Volunteer attorneys explained what TPS grants, helped attendees complete the TPS application, explained fees and the fee waiver process, work permit application and answered questions.  


More than two dozen attendees received free legal assistance.  


TPS is a temporary status for nationals of designated countries, usually those that have experienced a conflict, natural disaster, or some other extraordinary event. TPS gives these nationals a safe haven from being legally compelled to return to their country, while their country experiences one of these extreme events. Haiti was designated as eligible for TPS following the earthquake in 2010. 


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UPDATE: President Obama's Executive Order on Immigration

Executive Action Update:

A judge issued a decision on Feb. 16, 2015 that impacts the timeline of DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) and DACA+ (expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) initiatives. The judge's decision is temporary and is being challenged by the Department of Justice in a higher court. 

The National Immigration Law Center, NILC, released a thorough update on the status of President Obama's executive order, stating that on Wednesday, May 26, 2015 the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the federal government’s emergency request to “stay” the Texas court’s decision and thus allow the initiatives to proceed. This means that the DAPA and expanded DACA programs are still not available. Click here to read the NILC’s full report. 


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Spotlight on ASC's Amazing ESL Instructors

Comment dites-vous "incroyable" en Anglais? ASC's ESL instructors, that's how.


Every Tuesday and Thursday evening when most of African Service's staff are heading home for the day, ASC's dedicated English as a Second language, ESL/ ESOL, teachers begin their labor of love: Helping immigrants develop the language and literacy skills they need to interact, engage and build opportunity for themselves and their families.

Lauded as a model for community-based ESOL programs, ASC is proud to provide an exemplary program flexible to the needs of students of all nationalities, languages and academic backgrounds. Staff includes TESOL Coordinator Amy Kaiman, and volunteers Jonathan Parker, Ryah Parker, Sanae Nakayama, Ayesha Rehman, Kethan Takkellapati Rao, and Devon Golaszewski.


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ASC Joins Cause for Establishing #NAIRHHA Day

ASC has signed on as an organization supporting the establishment of National African Immigrant & Refugee HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Awareness Day (#NAIRHHA Day).

"After over thirty years of African immigration to the US, it’s time to recognize major health challenges among African communities—creating an HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis awareness day takes us another step forward in raising awareness and linking African immigrants and refugees to free testing and treatment services," ASC Co-Executive Director Kim Nichols said.

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