African Services in Harlem and the Homeland

Adam Phillips, from Voice of America, visits our Harlem office to learn more about our work here in Harlem and in Ethiopia. Click here for the full article, and watch the video above.

ASC Ethiopia - Celebrating 10 Years of Service

ASC Ethiopia is celebrating 10 years of service and has accomplished so much in that time. We are so proud of the accomplishments and have an eye towards a bright future.




"Do the Right Thing: Know You're HIV Status"

In the African and Caribbean immigrant community, there are countless barriers to testing, treatment and care related to HIV and AIDS. African Services has recognized these barriers and challenges, and for many years has been working to educate the population and reduce HIV stigma -- around the disease itself and testing. The Office of Minority Health recognized these circumstances, and in 2012 ASC applied for a small grant to aid in the completion of a HIV testing video.

Assumptions and Rumors abound when pertaining to HIV testing, treatment, care and life after diagnosis. African Services has been doing our best to educate our community about HIV and about the options for testing and care. It is our hope that this video 'lifts the veil' on the testing process and educates viewers about why and how to get tested, and to enlighten them on how easy (and FREE!) the process is at African Servics Committee.

Watch our video below, and let us know what you think!

African Services Committee - NYC and Ethiopia

Take a brief look at the work that African Services Committee is doing here in New York City, and abroad in Ethiopia.