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Partners & Funders

African Services Ethiopia works with a range of allies including government, NGO, corporate and PWA organizations.

Government partners include the Ministry of Health, Amhara and Tigray Regional Health Bureaus, and the Addis Ababa City Health Department.

These partners have enabled African Services to increase the accessibility of HIV testing through the donation of rapid test kits. Government hospitals, including Black Lion and Zewditu, Mekele and Dessie, have also contributed to the accessibility of care by enrolling our HIV-positive clients in ART programs.

Private sector partners include BGI Ethiopia, a French bottling company with operations in Ethiopia, that co-invested in our Kombolcha site. Castel Winery, who has been a valuable partner and co-investor in our clinics in Ziway and Hawassa.  Ethiopian Airlines supports staff travel to/from Ethiopia for training and program monitoring.

NGO sector partners include the Ethiopian Anti-AIDS Women's Association, Tesfa Berhan Ethiopian AIDS Orphan Youth Association, and Barlow House.

These organizations support program implementation by offering an extended spectrum of care and resources for our clients. Barlow House provides palliative care and ART for our pediatric referrals, and in support of our youth initiatives, members of the Tesfa Berhan Ethiopian AIDS Orphan Youth Association assist African Services in conducting HIV prevention outreach in schools and at sporting events.

Faith-based partner organizations include the Organization of Social Services for AIDS (OSSA), which provides our PLWHA referrals with follow-up home-based care, and the Kale Hiwot and Ethiopian Evangelical Churches.

PLWHA partners include the Mekdim PWA and Orphans Association, which accepts newly-diagnosed PLWHA referrals for home-based care, ART, nutritional packages, and support groups, and PLUS Forum and NAP+, who conduct country-wide advocacy on issues of HIV prevention, treatment, and funding.

Supplemental Funding and In-kind Donation Sources: EthiopiaSupporters

  • ABT Associates
  • Addis Ababa Health Bureau
  • BGI
  • Castel Wineries
  • Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health
  • Ethelwynn Doolittle Justice Fund
  • ICAP
  • International Foundation
  • Save the Children Ethiopia
  • Tigray Regional Bureau of Health
  • TOMS Shoes
  • Vitamin Angels