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ASC Ethiopia

ASC has worked on the frontlines of the global AIDS epidemic since 2003; operating three clinics in Ethiopia, and through advocacy and policy work in the U.S. and abroad.

Nearly two decades ago we first opened our clinic doors in Shola Market, one of the largest urban markets in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The first clinic began as an HIV counseling and testing site, even before antiretroviral treatment was yet publicly available in Ethiopia. At the outset, ASC was providing more than 10 percent of the HIV testing for the entire country of Ethiopia. Over time, as the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria and the US PEPFAR programs began to make ART freely available in Ethiopia, ASC Ethiopia became the country's trusted third community-based ART treatment site, and we scaled up our in-house laboratories and diagnostic facilities to serve patients with HIV, tuberculosis, and concurrent malnutrition. We built up our capacity to provide nutrition, reproductive health and family planning and income-generating projects for poor HIV households, and we opened additional clinics in Kombolcha, Mekele, Zeway, and Hawassa.

Our clinics are a one-stop shop for families living with HIV/TB to get back on their feet, through our attention to needs for diagnosis, free treatment access, nutrition and reproductive health support, and school and income-generating subsidies. ASC's Zeway and Mekele clinics have also started rapid testing and treatment for malaria and ASC is in an ideal position to begin providing additional services, such as cervical cancer screening.

ASC Ethiopia has been providing more than 20,000 children, women, and men with HIV and TB testing and treatment each year, nutrition for over 7,000, reproductive health for over 6,000, new shoes for nearly 17,000, and income-generating support for nearly 100 families. Since 2003 we have provided free HIV and TB clinical services to nearly 200,000 of the most marginalized and educated approximately 1,000,000 people in HIV prevention. 

Here is a closer look at ASC Ethiopia's impact since 2003:

  • HIV counseling and testing for 216,066,
  • Antiretroviral Treatment for 696, 
  • 7,134,209 condoms distributed,
  • 160,090 sexual and reproductive health,
  • 61,777 multivitamins for children,
  • 8,271 multivitamins for pregnant and lactating mothers,
  • 12,293 nutritional supplement for HIV positive children,
  • 2,741 educational material support,
  • 2,444 economically empowered women,
  • 89,408 shoe distribution, and
  • delivered 15-days mobile testing services for more than 20,000 people in 13 cities/towns with the aim of expanding services to populations outside of ASC’s operational area.


"During his tenure, former president Bill Clinton made a call upon the African Diaspora to return to the continent or to our respective countries and give our expertise and wealth of experiences to help build our communities there. It was such a presidential call, along with our own desire to help the people of Ethiopia, that moved us to the frontlines to help fight HIV/AIDS, TB, which was consuming a young generation."
– ASC Founder and Co-Executive Director Asfaha Hadera


Administrative/Program Staff (Head Office):

Hana Woldebebriel - Country Director 

Solomon Berhane - Administration & Finance Manager

Yokabel Abdo - Senior Accountant

Dereje Zewdu - Driver

Hailu Aragaw - Guard

Leul T/Tsadik - Guard

Mekonnen Tadesse - Guard

Asqual H/Mariam - Janitor