Part-time Viral Hepatitis Patient Navigator

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JOB SUMMARY: Outreaches to African organizations and businesses and organizes Hepatitis B and C, HIV, STI, or other health screening events in high-prevalence immigrant venues,  provides referral to Hepatitis B and C and other screenings at ASC. Hepatitis B and other  pre and post test orientation, testing and   escort to Health center  affiliated to the program. Medical interpretation, and follow up translation and navigation services for Hepatitis B vaccination, linkage to care, treatment, and monitoring for immigrants in need of post-screening follow up.  


  • Includes Hepatitis B and C, as well as in-house referral to HIV and other STI screens for all clients seeking general medical care
  • Bilingual questionnaire and consent for HBV screening.  
  • Referral to Hepatitis B/C and other disease screens at ASC.
  • Referral to HBV vaccination or HBV treatment and monitoring  
  • Patient navigation and interpretation for  HBV and HCV monitoring and treatment at Mount Sinai, Bellevue, Montefiore, or other health center.
  • Documentation of client contacts
  • Individual counseling  
  • Completion of daily client records.  
  • Organize permission and preparatory logistics for bi-monthly HBV screenings at ASC or off-site, at taxi garages, African fraternal organizations, or other venues where high HBV/HIV prevalence communities are represented,  
  • Back-up duties in conducting Hepatitis B and C counseling and testing. Participation in/presentation at provider/hospital patient case conferences and meetings is required as needed. 



BA in Community Health or Human Services OR 2 years of counseling/social work experience is acceptable, experience in working in access to health care-related services preferred, demonstration of an understanding of and sensitivity to cultural issues and needs of African refugees and immigrants. 

Must be bilingual in French/English, and at least one other major non-European African language, strong interpersonal skills, good communication skills, both spoken and written, ability to work independently is favorable. Computer literacy and basic data entry skills required.

Training in Hepatitis B/C counseling and testing, in e-RAP data entry and reporting, and in conducting group-level Hepatitis B education shall be provided.       

Position is for 20 hours per week, with benefits.  Annual salary is $18,000. 

Please send resume with cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , by September 27, 2017.


On Tuesday mornings, a group Hepatitis B/C, HIV, STI, TB pre-test orientation is given for all new group level intervention clients, prior to their first visit to Montefiore or Bellevue Hospitals. These clients shall be referred to Hepatitis B testing at ASC on the same day, if consent to test is obtained.  

After the group-level interventions, and following HBV and other disease screens, clients will be escorted first to Charles B. Wang or Harlem Family Health Center,  Montefiore or Bellevue Hospital for arrangement of reduced-fee care, referral to clinic, and medical interpretation, referred to vaccination for HBV at if required, and escorted to Mount Sinai HONE project if HBsAg positive. 

On other days, Patient navigators shall organize ASC health screenings, conduct data entry and reporting activities, outreach to African businesses or African organizations, or to health fairs at other organizations, and shall be available as backup for Hepatitis B and C counseling and testing and patient navigation.Patient Navigators shall conduct follow-up with Hepatitis B clients.

Each day, Patient Navigators are expected to return to ASC office following the completion of escort and medical interpretation activities at Mount Sinai, Montefiore, Bellevue Hospital or other FQHC.