African Services: From New York to Addis

Kim Nichols and Asfaha Hadera narrate this short video detailing the work in New York and Addis. Get an inside look at the people we serve, and the services we provide.


"Tembeni's Story:  Living with HIV, Moving Past Stigma," 

Tembeni Fazo, staff peer counselor, shared her moving story--in the hopes of combating HIV stigma--about living with HIV as an African immigrant in New York City.

On World AIDS Day 2011, Tembeni was invited to address the UN about her experience living with HIV and the Stigma that exists in the community towards those who are HIV positive.

"Living in the Shadow of Stigma," 

Through African Services' multi-year HIV Stigma Initiative, immigrants living with HIV took part in a multimedia documentary giving voice to the experience of HIV. All those who participated in the project wished to remain anonymous; however, they did not want to be unheard. 

In this series of diverse profiles, they define what stigma means to them, how it has impacted their lives and at times limited their prospects. Self-styled portraits show them doing the things they enjoy most in life--when they feel most free. Together, the images and interviews show how individuals facing great odds can move beyond HIV stigma to regain a sense of self-determination and optimism.  

This project was funded by the New York City Department of Health to improve health in the African immigrant community through creative interventions that foster dialogue, enhance understanding of HIV, and promote compassion in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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