ASC Receives $225K in Change Capital from NYC Community Resilience Fund

African Services Committee has been awarded a grant of $225K by Nonprofit Finance Fund designed to support plans for enhancing financial viability and adaptability, thereby improving ASC’s ability to consistently deliver critical programs and services.

The grants are part of $1.6 million in awards to seven nonprofits as part of the Community Resilience Fund, a collaborative effort designed to bolster New York City's social safety net. The awards are designed to fund specific plans to improve the long-term financial sustainability of critical human services providers.

ASC is planning to develop and expand its Nominal Fee Legal Clinic (NFLC) for immigrants, which we have identified as a viable path to greater organizational sustainability. ASC will build organizational financial health by expanding the professional staffing and legal clinic space with the CRF Change Capital, thus increasing general operating revenue, funding positions for needed executive, operations, and management staff, and planning and financing future real estate expansion.  ASC is addressing opportunities for greater sustainability by meeting the ever-increasing demand for quality, affordable immigration legal services and seeking extraordinary revenue, from a variety of sources, to improve the NFLC’s capacity, quality of service, affordability, and bottom line operating results.

Many of New York's human services nonprofits are grappling with an increase in demand for services and a decrease in government support. According to NFF's 2014 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey:

  • 89% of human service respondents from New York state saw an increase in demand for services in 2013.
  • 60% of these respondents predicted they would be unable to meet 2014 demand.
  • Of those receiving government funding, nearly half reported that funding has decreased over the past five years (48% reported a decrease in federal funding, 47% a decrease in local, and 45% a decrease in state funding).
  •  42% named achieving long-term financial sustainability as a top challenge.

The Community Resilience Fund combines business advice with innovative grant money, designed to make participating New York City human services organizations financially stronger and more resilient in an era of scarce resources. For more information, please visit:


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